Statistics Reveal Northerners Being Forcibly Displaced from Aden, Southern Yemen


The statistics of the Southern Media Center revealed statistics that illustrate the extent of the suffering suffered by citizens from the northern governorates in the south by the hands of the militias adopted by the UAE participating in the aggression on Yemen during 2019.

The Center stated that more than 2,400 citizens were forcibly expelled and humiliated, over 1,700 burned and damaged shops and more than 1,700 shops were closed, according to statistics of the Southern Media Center, in addition to 76 cars were broken and confiscated.

Moreover, nearly 600 families were displaced and fled their homes from the fear of being killed, 87 houses were raided and tampered, while 250 detainees remained hidden and 6000 citizens were deprived of entry to Aden to travel abroad. Moreover, more than 4 billion riyals was looted by the militias that are being supported and fully trained by the UAE.

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