Aug.20: The Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes Against Yemen


The Saudi-American aggression continued on Tuesday to launch air raids and carry out ground bombing and shelling on a number of provinces, while the forces of aggression in Hodeidah continued to violate the ceasefire agreement of Sweden.

In the coastal western province of Hodeidah, a child was wounded by the Saudi-UAE invaders and mercenaries shotting in the al-Jabaliya, the district of Tuhita.

In Sana’a, the Saudi-led aggression warplanes launched 15 raids on the capital and its suburbs, distributed to the region of Attan and al-Aswad mountain in Asir and the Sanhan area.

Moreover, the Saudi warplanes launched a raid next to a school in the district of Nehm, east of Sana’a.

In the governorate of Hajjah, the Saudi-led aggression launched three raids on the district of Haradh.

In the northern province of Sa’ada, the Saudi-led aggression conducted a rocket, artillery shelling on different areas within the bordering district of Razih with Saudi Arabia.

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