Aug 24: The Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes Against Yemen


The Saudi-US aggression on Saturday continued its raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, causing casualties and destruction of public and private property.

In the coastal province of Hodeidah, a young man was killed in the area of al-Satoor in the Zabid district after a mortar shell by the Saudi-UAE mercenaries was fired.

The forces of aggression shelled more than 35 artillery shells on different parts of the city and the al-Shabab city on 90th Street during the past hours.

The mercenaries targeted with rockets and artillery shells the village of Dar Naji in the district of Hays, while they used heavy and medium weapons in bombing scattered areas of the district.

Moreover, the forces of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression carried out 50 shells against the houses and properties of civilians in the al-Shajan village on the outskirts of the besieged city of al-Durayhimi.

The forces of aggression continued to fire with heavy and medium machine guns at the Faculty of Engineering and a neighboring mosque in the 7-Yolio residential area.

In the province of Hajjah, the Saudi-American aggression launched 8 raids on the Haradh district.

In Sana’a, the Saudi-American aggression launched four raids on the Attan area.

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