Yemeni Drone Attack on “Important Target” in Saudi Capital Riyadh


The air force of the army and the Popular Committees on Monday carried out a large-scale attack with several Sammad-3 drones on a military target in Riyadh.

The spokesman for the armed forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree said: “Yemeni air force carried out a large-scale attack by a number of combat drones, type “Sammad-3” on an important military target in the capital of the Saudi regime in Riyadh, confirming it was direct and accurate.

He added that this operation comes within the framework of expanding the circle of targeting and in response to the crimes of Saudi aggression and its ongoing siege on the people of Yemen.

Brigadier-General Saree reiterated his call for “civilians and companies to stay away from military and vital sites as they have become legitimate targets for us.”

On Sunday, the air force of the army and the Popular Committees carried out three operations targeting the King Khalid Airbase, where Qassef 2K drones targeted the warplanes hangars, the communications building and the control tower in the base.

The spokesman of the armed forces Brigadier Yahya Saree said that: “the armed forces aim to repeat the targeting to remove the airbase from service or paralyze it as it is one of the most important bases used by the Saudi regime as a base for its hostile operations against our people.

“In Abha, the Air Force carried out several attacks by Qasef 2k drones on the Abha International Airport targeting the control tower at the airport. The direct hit caused the disruption of air navigation at the airport.

Yesterday’s operations culminated in a “very large operation”, the first and largest attack with intermediate ballistic missiles since the beginning of the aggression. Ten mid-ranged ballistic missiles type “Badr-1” targeted Jizan airport, specifically targeting hangars of warplanes and Apache helicopters and other vital sites within the Jizan airport.

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