Ansarullah Politburo Condemns Zionist Aggression Against Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq


The Political Bureau of Ansarullah on Monday condemned the brutal Zionist aggression against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, considering it criminal aggression and a flagrant violation of international laws and covenants.

“This criminal aggression confirms the aggressive behavior of the Zionist and cancerous entity that attacks day and night against our liberated peoples and our capabilities and sanctities, whether in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or other Arab/Islamic countries,” the office said in a statement.

“The political bureau of Ansarullah stressed solidarity with the people of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and the categorical rejection of these criminal attacks,” stressing: “We stand by them in any steps aimed at this cancerous entity usurper.

” The office called on “the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to move responsibly, consciously and foresight to confront the real enemy of this nation, the Great Satan, America and Israel.”

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