L.C.R.D Provides a New Statistic for Victims of Saudi-Led Coalition

Sana’a / October 1 / Yamanyoon

The Legal Center for Rights and Developments exposed a new statistic, today Saturday, revealing the victims of the US-backed Saudi coalition in Yemen.

More than (9755) civilians are killed, including (2260) children and (1677) women in 560 days of aggression, according to the statistic.

The statistic has been revealed today in an event held by L.C.R.D titled, “Crimes of the Saudi coalition in Yemen between legal documentation and international silence” which coincides with the convening of the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council.

Participants in the event spoke such as the Deputy Minister of Media “Hashim Sharaddean and the General Director of the L.C.R.D “Abdullah Allaw” whose responsible for monitoring and documenting the crimes of the Saudi aggression.

Speakers at the event confirmed the crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi coalition against the Yemeni civilian and his/her public and private interests under an international silence.

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