Saudi Mercenary Groupings Targeted in Jizan

Jizan / October 29 / Yamanyoon

The artillery of the Yemeni army and popular committees targeted, today Saturday, Saudi mercenary groupings in Jalah center located in Jizan by a number of artillery shells.

As Saudi mercenaries fail to restore military sites under the control of Yemeni forces, Saudi Apaches bombarded Al Dode mountain and Qamr village.

This takes place after pounding Saudi mercenary gatherings and sites in Jizan just yesterday using artillery shells that achieved direct hits, military source confirms. Moreover, the targeted Saudi mercenary groupings were in the sites of Al Mabkarah as well as Burj Al Dhukan, inflicitng Saudi ranks heavy losses.

In the same context, a number of Saudi soldiers were killed yesterday when being targeted by the Yemeni artillery force. The operation also led to the destruction of a military vehicle belonging to Saudi mercenaries in Kariss site.

The Yemeni artillery force also aimed at fortifications of the Saudi army in Al Fareedah site, achieving an accurate hit.

Furthermore, another Saudi military vehicle was demolished yesterday in Al Sawdah site in Al Khawba region. Saudi mercenary gatherings were also bombarded in Al Dhukan mountain in Jizan.

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