A New US-Backed Saudi Massacre Committed in Taiz

Taiz | October 29 | Yamanyoon

At least 16 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, have been killed and 7 others got injured today Saturday by the raids of the US-backed Saudi coalition targeting civilian houses and a school in Al Salu district, Taiz province, central Yemen.

Fighter jets of the US-backed Saudi coalition aimed at the house of Abdullah Abdah Hamoud in Al Sharf village, Salu district, resulting in the death of the whole family consisting of 11 members, mostly women, local source reports.

Saudi American raids also targeted another civilian house in Maqbrah Al Shair village, killing 5 of the house’s residents, source confirms.

The coalition came back once again and targeted the third civilian house which is located in Al Sayar village, leading to the suffering of two citizens from injuries.

Later on, Saudi warplanes struck Othman bn Athman School in Al Hud village, while another raid aimed at the junction of Salu district, Taiz province.

The US-backed Saudi coalition intentionally targets civilian houses and the infrastructure to cause as much suffering for the Yemeni people and their fortunes amid a global silence towards the crimes perpetrated by the coalition for nearly two years.

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