Stop Killing the Journalist

November 2| Yamanyoon

Yemenis media Union and the Committee to support journalists in Yemen Wednesday morning staged a protest on the occasion of the World Day to end impunity, to condemn the bombing and deliberate murders targeting journalists and media institutions in Yemen by a coalition of Saudi aggression since year and eight months .

At the protest stand , which was attended by a number of representatives of the various local and foreign media, the chairman of the Yemeni Union journalists Mr. Abdullah Ali Sabri stressed that ,the alliance of aggression, crimes involving all sectors and categories of Yemeni society, and the longer since its inception and national media and some journalists, targeting them directly . The aggression causing to stopped a large case of blackout and reproduce them in order to block out the truth and trying to kill their morally and hid voice.

during the protest  which was attended by the Faculty of Information at Sanaa University students -raised banners condemning the targeting of journalists, and claim not to cancel the impunity of the perpetrators of crimes in Yemen punishment.

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