The Kobra Hall Massacre in the Yemeni Capital

Translated by: Malak Ali Almakhadi

On the eighth of October of the year 2016, large crowds of citizens gathered to offer their condolences to Al Rowaishan family in the Kobra Hall of the capital Sana’a, without knowing what the malevolent wolf-like humans are hiding of cunning and malevolence. 

 Fighter jets of the spiteful Saudi American aggression waged a raid on the heads of the mourners creating a disaster.

Here is when the tragedy befall, where humanitarian principles have been killed, and the one funeral turned into many causing melancholy prevailing in every heart of a liberal around the world.

How can it get worse? how can it get worse when you see your feet amputated and you are unable to run, having no other option, thinking to yourself that you might be a hero in a horror movie, but you are in shock to realize that reality is practicing this horror on you and the world is watching.

During our way to visit some of the wounded victims, our hearts raced our steps looking forward to check on their condition and hear what is inside of pain, sorrow and a pain that eyes can not forget.

Yes, it was a big crime a man can’t describe but the soil can, the soil that has been saturated with the blood of the innocent mourners.

It’s a cruel and painful position to be in, when you find yourself hanging in the air minutes after you were sitting on ground offering condolences and you’re stunned by the horror of such crime when you did not harm anyone to deserve this bloody punishment. The harsher position is when you are breathing under rubble, not being able to get out and live the rest of your life.

This malevolent aggression did not only deny its violent targeting of the mourners in Koba hall, it waged another air raid aiming at the paramedics and the remaining wounded people.

Paramedics continued carrying victims to transfer them into hospitals that were filled with the wounded and injured, and as much heinous as the crime got, there was difficulty in lifting the wounded.

Here, in the capital Sanaa’s hospitals, crowded with wounded people, there has been great trouble as a result of the imposed siege by the brutal aggression in terms of the lack of medicine needed to save the lives of the injured, that’s what led to the increasing number of martyrs.
In spite of all this atrociousness exemplary, the international community remained silent. It, as the previous heinous crimes, stood with the criminal against the victim since day one the aggression began targeting Yemeni people and committing gruesome crimes, killing thousands of families and bombarding houses, installations, mosques, hospitals as well as all the necessities of life. Even animals have not been spared from this aggression backed by the international complicity and silence.

I swear that it’s a crime that could not be more outrageous as happy Yemen, for approximately two years, has become destroyed houses, scattered body parts, broken hearts and oppressed women.


For what guilt is all this bloodshed for, O silent world! why all these massacres are committed against the peaceful people of Yemen.

What did we gain?…what did we commit?…what have we done, O world, why all this oppression on us, why why?

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