The Names of the New Yemeni Government


The names of the New Yemeni Government as follow:

D / Abdul Aziz Saleh Bin Habtoor prime minister

Dr. Hussein Abdullah Magbuli Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

Akram Abdullah Attiya as deputy prime minister for internal affairs.

Major General / Jalal Ali Rowaishan ,deputy prime minister for security affairs

Major General / Mohamed Nasser Al Atfi , Ministry of Defense

Ali Bin Ali al-Qaisi, secretary of the local administration

Judge / Ahmed Abdullah ِAgabat ,Minister of Justice

Saleh Ahmed Shaaban, Minister of Finance

Talal Abdul Karim Aklan, Minister of Civil Service and Insurance

Major General / Mohamed Abdullah Al Gusi, Interior Minister

Alia Faisal Abdullatif popular minister for human rights.

Yasser Ahmed Al Awadi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

Major General / Zakaria Yahya al-Shami ,Minister of Transport.
Faiqa Al Sid Ba Alwi minister of social affairs and labor

Ahmed Mohammed Hamid ,Minister of Media .

Yahya Badr Eddin al-Huthi, Minister of Education

Hussein Ali Hazeb ,Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ali Mohsen al-Naqib, Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training

Dr.Abdarahman Ahmed Mukhtar, Minister for Legal Affairs

Hassan Mohammed Zeid, Minister of Youth and Sports

Mohammad Mohammad Zubairi Minister of Fisheries

M.Hisham Sharaf Abdullah ,Minister of Foreign Affairs

M. Nabil Abdullah Al wazir , minister of water and environment

Diab Mohsin bin Maeili, minister of oil and mineral wealth

M. Lotff Ali Al jrmozi Minister of Electricity and Energy

Judge. Sharaf Ali Al galisi Minister of Endowments and Guidance

Abdo Mohammed Bashir minister of commerce and industry

Jleidan Mahmoud Jleidan , Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Ghazi Ahmed Mohsen ,Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

Nasser Mahfouz Bagzkoz Minister of Tourism

Dr. Mohammed Salem Bin Hafeez and Minister of Public Health and Population

Ahmed Saleh Alguena. Minister of state for national dialogue and reconciliation output

Abdullah Ahmad Kibsi Minister of Culture

Ghalib Abdullah Absolute Minister of Public Works and Roads

Mohammed Saeed Almhjeri ,Minister of Expatriates

Ali Abdullah Abu Kalifa ,Minister of State for the House of Representatives and the Shura Council

Fares Mohammed Manna,Minister of State

Nabih Mohsen Obonctan,Minister of State

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