Military observers: Equation of the Military Industrialization changed the course of Confrontation on the Ground

March 1 | Yamanyoon

Report  : Majed Al Kuhlani

Military Industrialization Department of the Ministry Defense, for the first time on Saturday announced new  military achievement and represents the aircraft   manufacturing Rased  1, Was effective , Howdhod 1 ,and Al_Raqeb unmanned aircrafts  to carry out the purposes of combat  , reconnaissance of attacking , monitoring goals ,  identify the enemy’s coordinates and direct monitoring of the objectives and the battlefield and determine coordinates The rallies, monitor  the artillery fire.

Featuring the plane “Qasef  1″ being the offensive length of 5.2 meters , its width of 300 cm and flying a time of a two-hour ,  a range of up to 150 kilometers, carrying various types of warheads weighing 30-kg, while featuring three other species such as the ” Rased , Raqeb  and Howdhod “only by being exploratory multiple functions in mapping and determine the coordinates ,  correction of artillery and missile strikes on targets, in addition to the accompaniment the creep. The varying sizes and lengths of the drones between two meters and two meters and a half , and the extent 15_ 35 kilometer , the time to fly between an hour and a half to two hours.

The  deputy spokesman of the Armed Forces of Yemen Colonel Corner Aziz Rashid said we should read the event as a new development in the confrontation with aggression and a quantum leap advanced , sophisticated, and the stage of the course, stressing that the most important messages of this strategic declaration says “there is no scope to retreat to the barbaric aggression bombards and destroys all the necessities the state life  of Yemen , and the Yemeni people ; where  targets children, women, and infrastructure.”

While coming surprises Observers considered that so manufactured wars unique and distinct change in turn equation of war with the enemy within a short period of time and in full, stressing that equation on its way towards stability gradually in favor of the people of Yemen in light of the bankruptcy of the enemy and dissipate his possessions of military hardware and military are still falling apart in front of steadfastness and blows army fighters and popular  committees at various battlefronts.

The announcement of the aircraft range unmanned Yemeni-made – in conjunction with the air defenses managed to drop two reconnaissance, one in Aqaba governorate of Al-Jawf and the other in  Al Jowf  and in Jeezan.

The world follows the reaction of the aggression countries  towards the manufacturing of drones deter , defend ,attack and the triumph of the sky and the earth of Yemeni ,also anticipating its impact on the battlefield and the various battlefronts.

Source : Al Thwrah newspaper

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