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Yemen Army: we choose our targets accurately


Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman, Yemeni Army spokesman, said Wednesday that Yemeni Army choose its targets accurately  and it going to bomb vital Saudi facilities.

 “We know how to choose our targets carefully and we will bomb their military and economic facilities,” Brigadier General Luqman said to  a local media.

He confirmed the ballistic strikes reflect the self-reliance stage announced by the president.

Brigadier General Luqman pointed out that the Army and Ansarullah are coming up with stronger and more escalating stages, saying the rocket and the aerial attacks that took place today are considered as a fulfillment of the previous promise.

The military spokesman said that hitting Abha airport by Qasif is a strategic step comparable to ballistic strikes, pointing out that the Yemeni Army today is stronger than ever before.

The rocketry force carried out today the ballistic attacks. Burkan 2H Targets Saudi Defense Ministry and other goals in Riyadh, Aramco distribution building in Najran and other targets in the section were targeted by Badr1 ballistic missiles, while Badr 1 ballistic missiles hit King Abdullah Economic City in Jizan.

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