Mercenary Shabwa Governor Talks Honestly About the UAE


The governor of Shabwa province, Ali bin Rashid al-Harthi, appointed by exiled resigned Riyadh- based President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, called on Coalition leadership to set up an investigation committee to investigate personal accusations against him by Hadi’s transport minister Saleh al-Jubwani, according to a source reported to Yamanyoon.

The document was officially sent to resigned Riyadh- based President Hadi.

During a press conference, last Monday, Hadi’s transport minister Saleh al-Jubwani launched an attack on UAE and what so-called Shabwani elite forces, describing the Shabwani elite forces as mercenaries and UAE occupation forces are making chaos in Yemen’s southern provinces.

In an earlier time, the militants of what so-called Shabwani elite forces stopped the minister’s convoy and detained him along with Shabwa governor Saleh al-Jubwani, while they were going to put a foundation stone for Qena port, not allowing them to return to Ataqa city of the province.


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