Yemen’s Army Takes the Lives of Saudi Soldiers In the Saudi Province of Jizan


Yemen’s military forces killed a vast amount of Saudi soldiers and injured many others in Jizan Saudi province on Tuesday, a military official told Yamanyoon.

The Yemeni rocket’s force fired a barrage of Katyusha rockets toward Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Towal outlet, killing and wounding several of them.

The army snipers gunned down two Saudi soldiers in Al-Abadia and Al-Kahsool sites.

The army’s artillery also bombarded gatherings of Saudi army troops along with their military vehicles in Al-Qarn and Al-Khaqaq villages and in Qaim Zabid site.

Meanwhile, the army artillery bombed Saudi-backed militants’ groups off Alib outlet and Al-Qanasin hill of Asir front, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

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