The War on Yemen Must End Now


The Saudi military campaign on Yemen was supposed to restore the exiled ex-President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi which had been toppled by the Houthis.

When I saw documented films of the Saudi first aerial raids on oppressed Yemenis, I was thinking that these poor people need economic help, not a foreign invasion coming from more than 15 countries.

Before the Saudi regime war on Yemen, the country faced huge challenges. Only four percent of the land of Yemen was arable and the country faced vast water shortage and it was said that Yemen will dry completely in 2020.

Now after three years, the result of the war has been nothing but indescribable famine, disease, destruction, death, etc.

The oppressed civilians live give no value to Saudi regime and its allies. In April 2017, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Yemen was facing “a tragedy of immense proportions”. Guterres also said, “ an entire generation of Yemenis are facing starvation on daily basis”

Abdullah al-Ibbi, a Yemeni civilian who lost 27 family members after the coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, carried out an airstrike on his house. Starving an entire nation also constitutes an example of war crimes.

Unfortunately, some other Arab countries have shared crimes with Saudi Arabia in the war on Yemen. These countries have been involved in the war either through intimidation or bribery, depending on their size, status, or geographical location. There are even non-Arab rulers who were bribed by Saudi rulers to express verbal support for the war on Yemen.

The two countries, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have not been getting along since the beginning of their war in Yemen. According to reports, Saudi Arabia backs exiled ex-president, Hadi while the UAE is closely aligned with the separatists in south Yemen which was a separate country until 1990.

The war on Yemen is senseless, aimless and futile. It will fail to realize the Saudi goals. The coalition has not been able to gain a considerable victory against Houthis who are mostly in the north of Yemen.

The war is mainly ruled by the United States and Britain, who have been providing intelligence and logistical support, including aerial refueling, for the Saudi-led coalition.

Let us imagine that Saudi-led coalition wins the war against Ansarullah and restores ex-president government, then how could that government survive when a vast amount of the population is against this government and his rule!

Saudi Arabia can no longer look at its southern poor neighbor as an inferior and punish it if a considerable number of its population defy Riyadh’s orders.

The Yemen war is a quagmire for the Saudis along with its allies. They are just giving away petrodollars to the filthy pockets of the military-industrial complexes in the U.S. and Britain to buy more ammunition, including fighter jets to destroy what’s left from houses, schools, hospitals, and bridges in Yemen.

The current bigoted and headstrong family who rules Saudi Arabia must end this idiotic war. The longer the war gets, the more humiliating it would be for Saudi regime and its allies.

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