Residents in Hadramout Protest About Salaries-Cutoff and Poor Living Conditions


Hundreds of civilians gathered out today in the district of the Shahr, Hadramout province on Friday afternoon, to express their disapproval of the living conditions they are living and to increase oil derivatives in the province.

After prayer, the protesters gathered in front of the town of Idaros, raising slogans and writings expressing their rejection of the poor conditions in the country, demanding the local authority to play its role towards the suffering experienced by the people of the district.

The Participants also called for the opening of the road, which connects the district and Mukalla to ease the suffering caused by the distance of the road.

This stand is the first protest of its kind in Hadramout because of the deteriorating living conditions and high prices of oil derivatives and food, and the deterioration of the local currency against other currencies.

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