Saudi-led coalition continues claiming innocent lives in Saada


A citizen was killed on Saturday in an air raid waged by the Saudi-led coalition on Saada province.

The airstrike targeted a fuel station and commercial shops in al-Khamees region, district of Saqain in the province, killing an innocent civilian, local source reported to Yamanyoon.

In the same context, a child was killed and another wounded, in addition to two women sustaining wounds after two air strikes on Friday night targeted the northern province of Saada.

Earlier today, a child died of his wounds, while another child, two women and a man were injured by two air strikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition yesterday evening in the area of Ghamar in Razih border district.

On Friday, a citizen was shot dead by Saudi border guards in the border district of Shada. Moreover, two citizens of the border district of Haidan were also wounded by Saudi rockets and shells targeting Talan region in the district.

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