At least three killed in a Saudi assault on Hodeidah

At least three civilians were killed on Saturday after a raid conducted by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes hit Al-Jerahi district in Hodeidah, western Yemen.
The three killed come as a consequence of targeting a farm in Al-Jerahi district, local source confirmed to YemenExtra.

Earlier today, the US-backed coalition bombed several times the province of Hodeidah, whereas four raids hit Al-Jah region in Bait Faqih district, another airstrike targeted Al-Lyhia district and one more raid struck Rasha Island belonging to the district of Salif.

This comes in the context of the crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, in violation of all principles and charters that criminalize the loss of life and violation of the sovereignty of an independent free country amid an international silence.

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