Breaking: A Number of Ballistic Missiles Launched at Military Targets in Yemen’s West Coast


The rocketry force of the Yemeni army launched on Tuesday a batch of ballistic missiles on a number of military targets belonging to the Saudi-UAE militias in West Coast of Yemen.

According to al-Masirah television network, the ballistic missiles targeted camps of the Saudi-UAE mercenaries near the coastal province of al-Hodeida.

A source affirmed to Yamanyoon that the ballistic missiles hit their targets precisely, stressing that the forces of the US-Saudi-UAE suffered heavy losses.

It is noteworthy that the missile force of the Yemeni army has launched, yesterday, a ballistic missile “Kaher 2M” on gatherings of coalition militias in the West Coast of Yemen, while on the 5th day of May, it launched a ballistic missile of the aforesaid model on concentrations of UAE-Saudi militias near al-Hodeida province, in the West Coast of Yemen.

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