The Losses of the Saudi-Led Coalition on May (Statistics)


The media center of the Ansarullah movement released a military statistic that shows the losses of the Saudi aggression and its mercenaries, in addition to the military operations by the Yemeni forces during the month of May.

Destroyed armed vehicles and tanks:
4 tanks, (Abrams 3)

15 armored vehicles

117 different vehicles

Overall (136)

Saudi drones shot down:
6 spy planes

Overall (6)

Various operations against Saudi soldiers and its paid fighters:
Saudi soldier sniped (38)

Saudi paid fighter sniped (64)

Offensive operations against the Saudi-led coalition (20)

failed operations by the Saudi paid fighters (45)

Launched Yemeni rockets:
Zelzal-1  (5)

Zelzal-2 (4)

Rocket and artillery Yemeni support (151)

Overall (160)

Launched ballistic Yemeni rockets:
Qaher M2 (3)

A Range of Burkan H2 ballistic missiles

Badr 1 (11)

A range of Badr 1 ballistic missiles

Air operations:
2 operations of the Air Force by Yemeni military drones:

– Abha Airport in Asir

– Operation rooms of the Saudi coalition and its paid fighters in the west coast.

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