Thousands of Yemenis Commemorate Quds International Day in Capital Sana’a (Pictures)


The Yemeni capital Sana’a witnessed on Friday afternoon a massive rally to commemorate of Quds International Day, with the participation of masses nowhere seen in the Arab region.

The participants in the rally raised Yemeni flags, Palestinian flags, signs of freedom against the American foreign policy in the region and banners that display the extent of the Yemeni people’s adherence to Al-Aqsa cause.

The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, called on Thursday evening in a televised speech the revival of Quds  International Day in the capital Sana’a, Hodeidah and other cities.

Sayyed Abdul Malik affirmed that Al-Aqsa and Palestine conflict is the heading of a great and comprehensive struggle in which the enemy seeks to loot everything, noting that linking Al-Haram Mosque to Al-Aqsa Mosque is important in an attempt to awaken the conscience of the nation.


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