Israel to support Saudi Arabia in attacking Yemen with airstrikes


 According to various local sources that spoke to Yemen Press Agency, the Israeli regime is preparing to actively get involved in the war against Yemen, by supporting Saudi Arabia with airstrikes.

The sources reported on Monday that Saudi Arabia is planning to pay a total of five billion dollars to the Zionist state in exchange for Israeli military support against the Republic of Yemen.

The report comes right after the Saudis suffered a series of defeats while trying to capture the strategic port city of Hodeidah. During these battles, having taken place over the course of the past few days, the Saudi coalition suffered hundreds of casualties and lost dozens of valuable military vehicles and equipment.

According to the officials sourced by Yemen Press Agency, Israeli warplanes have already landed in the Khamis Mushayt military base in Saudi Arabia, carrying extensive amounts of modern weaponry and preparing for air raids against Hodeidah.

Source: Yemen Resistance Watch


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