Coalition Military Truck Loaded with Guns and Ammunition Destroyed in West Coast


The Army along with Yemeni tribes were able to destroy a gun truck that was loaded with weapons and ammunition for the Saudi paid fighters in the north of Drehemi in the province of Hodeidah, West Coast of Yemen. They also destroyed a military armored vehicle with a machine gun on the same front.

The military truck was loaded with weapons and ammunition and on its way to northern of Drehami front to supply its militiamen with arms; however, the vehicle was destroyed before reaching its target and huge explosions were seen while a number of other military vehicles were seen burning, a source confirmed to Yamanyoon.

The source added that the Yemewasrmy were able to destroy a military vehicle carrying a machine gun of ”23” belonging to the Coalition militias at the same area.

On Friday, dozens of invaders and mercenaries were killed and wounded, while 11 armored vehicles were destroyed after operations of the army Yemeni tribes took place in the West coast of Yemen.


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