Yemeni Military Media Releases Its First Video of a Drone Targeting Saudi-UAE Positions in Hodeidah


The Yemeni military media had released the first video of a UAVs operation that have targeted positions and gatherings of the US-backed Saudi coalition paid militias in the province of Hodeidah. Various aerial raids targeted the militiamen in their positions, resulting in huge losses among their men and equipment.

The video first shows how the place was spotted and detected by Yemeni UAV called Rassed, then, a drone called Qasef-1 with the ability to launch missiles targeted the area. After that, Rassed came back to the targeted area to look at the results of the destruction.

Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Abdullah al-Jafri, spokesman of Yemeni air force and air defense, said that using drones is the winning card of the Yemeni army in fighting against Saudi-led forces in the western coasts.

He added that the invading enemy was unable to intercept drones, which cost the Yemeni army only one thousand dollars, at most, to produce each of them.

Jafri further said that the Yemeni army has so far carried out nearly all shelling and missile attacks against the enemy positions through the precise target coordinates it received from its reconnaissance drones.

He added that a number of aerial attacks against Saudi-led targets were carried out by unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), including Yemeni Qasef-1 drones. Jafri also said that the army is trying hard to produce new and more powerful drones.

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