Sentenced in Jail for Ten Years, the Man Who Steals Women’s Purses by Force (Video)


Sanaa’s court on Saturday sentenced Waleed Ali Mohammed Salama to 10 years in prison for robbery.

A specialized criminal court, headed by Judge Mujahid al-Amadi, sentenced Walid Salameh to 10 years in prison for robbery and assaults on people, particularly women on the roads, looting of their bags and intimidating them.

Salama was convicted of the crime of barbarism for assaulting women and robbing their bags, the last of which was inflicted on a woman on Algeria Street when he forcibly removed her handbag along with her vale and hijab. As a result, she fell on the road and suffered severe head injuries that almost resulted in ending her life. The man then Looted what was inside the bag, which was a smartphone, money and medical papers.

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