Statistics Show the Brutal Crimes Committed by the Us-Saudi Aggression in Yemen for 1200 Days


The Legal Center for Rights and Development revealed a new statistic of the crimes committed by the US-Saudi alliance against the Yemeni people during the 1200 days of the war on Yemen.

The Center estimated that more than 37,896 killed and injured. 14,718 from those are killed including 3,308 children and 2,185 are women. The rest of them, 23,178 are injured, 3,222 from those are children and 2,477 are women. The displaced, however, reached two million six hundred and fifty thousand.

The Center revealed the severe impact of US-Saudi Aggression on the infrastructure and services side. It listed the destruction of 15 airports, 14 ports and 2,512 roads and bridges. The list continues including 727 water tanks and irrigation networks, 185 power stations and generators. The telecommunication services have been systematically targeted, 421 telecom towers and Centrals, which caused important vital installations to go out of coverage.

The Center pointed out that the aggression destroyed more than 414,547 houses, 1,797 government facilities, 917 mosques, 882 schools and institutes and bombed 318 hospitals and health facility. In addition to destroying 147 university facilities, 36 media facilities, 219 archaeological sites, 271 tourism facilities and 112 sports facility.

The Industrial and Economic sectors were in the cross-hairs of the US-Saudi Aggression, the Center listed 2,963 agricultural fields, 7,246 commercial buildings, 746 food stores, 608 food trucks, 620 markets, 360 fuel stations, 265 fuel tankers, 3,919 transport vehicles, 316 factories and 295 chicken and cattle Farms.

The US-Saudi Aggression on Yemen began on 26 March 2015, coinciding with the imposition of an economic blockade on the country, which caused the deterioration of economic and living conditions besides the death of hundreds of thousands as a result of diseases, epidemics and malnutrition.


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