The Minister of Media Condemns Targeting Hodiedah Radio Station


Salvation Government Spokesman, Abdul Salam Jaber, condemned the continued systematic targeting, by the US-Saudi Aggression, of the media in Yemen; the latest is the targeting, today, of Hodeidah radio station. Jaber said in a statement to Saba that “the targeting of the aggression coalition to the Yemeni media is evidence of weakness and reflects the extent of hysteria, which the aggression has been suffering under the crushing defeats by the Army and Popular Committees, Rocketry Force and Air Force.”

He pointed to the escalation of serious violations committed by the US-Saudi aggression against media in Yemen. He explained that “the coalition of aggression targeted 160 media and a number of media facilities, press and broadcasting stations, in gross violations of all international conventions and laws that guarantee freedom of information and media.”

The Minister called on the international community and human rights organizations to stand by the media in Yemen and condemn the continuous violations that have plagued them for more than three years. He pointed out that the Yemeni people have the ability to respond similarly to Media facilities of the  Aggression Alliance in Saudi Arabia or in any of the Other countries of aggression, as long as the Yemeni media continues to be targeted.

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