Al-Bayda: ISIS element arrested in an successful operation by Yemeni army


The security services in the province of Al-Bayda , today, arrested one of the wanted security services, with an explosive device, whereas the coalition had been commissioned him to plant it to target the Yemeni army forces in the province.

A security source in the province of al-Baydaconfirmed to “Yamanyoon
” that the security services arrested with a special operation the so-called”Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed al-Hmeikani” of the Directorate of Zaher, one of the elements of the so-called a Qaeda.

The source pointed out that “al-Hmeikani”, has participated in monitoring the operations of the coalition, targeting leaders and figures of the Yemeni army forces.

A new investigation by Associated Press has found that the coalition waging a war on Yemen has secured secret deals with al-Qaeda terrorists in the violence-wracked country, recruiting hundreds of its militants in the ground operations against the Houthi Ansarullah movement , part of the Yemeni army forces.

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