A Child Found Dead in a Car After Being Kidnapped for Days


A child was found dead in one of the cars parked within the district of al-Mansoura, southern Yemeni province of Aden on Friday, local sources said.

The 3-year-old boy, Mu’taz Majed, was found dead days ago in the Abdel Aziz area in the district of al-Mansoura in Aden Saudi occupied southern governorate.

The body was found inside a car next to the al-Zayed mosque, sources revealed, adding that the car had been parked for a long time.

The child Moataz Majed was kidnapped three days ago in the Abdul Aziz Abdul Wali neighborhood in Mansoura district.

The province of Aden, like other southern provinces who have been witnessing a state of insecurity in light of the proliferation of armed groups, has recently witnessed a number of similar incidents and assassinations against the children in the city.

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