Saudi Coalition Warplanes Strike the Yemeni Capital with More Than 26 Airstrikes


The Saudi-led coalition launched this Saturday morning, a number of 26 air raids, targeting various directorates within Sana’a governorate, causing severe material damage.

The Saudi-led warplanes carried out 11 raids on the village of Gharza, Hamdan Directorate, since the morning, causing damage to homes, cars and property of citizens, no injuries were reported among the citizens until the moment.

The Saudi aggression also launched 13 air raids on Camp al-Sama and Farijah in the Directorate of Arhab, while a raid struck a house within Shamlan area in the aforementioned Directorate; in addition to a raid on al-Mjawhah located at the district of Nehm.

In the governorate of Amran, northern the Yemeni capital, the Saudi joint air force conducted four raids east of al-Musallouq mountain, Harf Sufyan district.

This comes in the context of the ongoing attacks and crimes committed by the Saudi-American aggression against the Yemeni people since March 2015.

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