Saudi Coalition Bombardment Injures,Kills 13 Yemenis in Hodeidah


13 civilians were killed and wounded on Friday night, as a result of artillery shelling of the Saudi mercenaries, which targeted homes of citizens in the Directorate of Durahmi in Hodeidah governorate.

A number of 3 citizens were killed and 10 others wounded by the continuous bombardment of mercenaries on homes of citizens in the center of the Directorate of Durahmi, a source revealed to Yamanyoon.

The source added that two out of the three killed in the bombardment were two men named Walid Yahya Zaqini and Marwan Abdullah Zaqini and the third victim was a woman named Asma Yahya Zaqini. The wounded are Bashir Fashak, Ali Bahlul Vashq, Harbi Husseini, Abdul Razzaq Vashq, Akram Fashq, Triumph Halja, son of Harbi Husseini, daughter of Harbi Husseini and Ibn al-Sanabeh.

Moreover, a woman was killed while a child was injured in a preset time as artillery bombardment of the mercenaries of the aggression targeted homes of citizens north of the Suweig, Directorate of Tahita.

The crime comes days after the crime of the Saudi warplanes against displaced families in the Directorate of Durahmi Hodeidah, which left more than 30 killed, including 20 children.

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