A Woman Killed, Child Injured After Saudi Bombardment in al-Hodeidah


Saudi mercenaries bombarded houses and farms of citizens on Friday, which resulted in the death of a woman and the injury of a child in the district of Tuhita in Hodeidah governorate.

The Saudi coalition paid fighters in Yemen targeted by artillery shells, houses and farms of citizens north of the Suwaiq in the district of Tuhita, which led to the death of a woman and wounding a child.

It is noteworthy that forces of the coalition have committed on Thursday, a crime against the family of Ahmed Hassan Gharbi, where it targeted his house located in the al-Mdmin area within the district of al-Tuhita by artillery shells, resulting in his death with his wife and one of his children, while the rest of his four children suffered severe and serious injuries.

The crime comes days after the crime of the Saudi warplanes against displaced families in the Directorate of Durahmi, Hodeidah, which left more than 30 killed, including 20 children.

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