More Protests Under Areas of Saudi Coalition Control


Massive popular street protests hit the UAE-Saud-backed southern port city of Aden on Sunday over a major collapse of the country’s currency.

Thousands of protesters blocked the streets and set tires on fire, engaged in fierce clashes against the UAE-Saudi-backed security forces.

Residents said one protester was shot dead during the confrontations.

The city of Katba in Dhalea province, in addition, witnessed currently high tense situation after killing of a protester and injuring of others in anger mass protest that was organized in the province to overthrowing Saudi-backed resigned exiled President Hadi.

A security official told YemenExtra Unknown gunmen blocked the main road in Katba and opened fired on the manifestation and fled.

Yemen Press Agency correspondent said that UAE-backed so-called “Security belt” forces send earlier military reinforcements to Katiba after accusation of the security belt to resigned Hadi supporters to be behind the event.

Aden city, which was occupied by the UK but now under the control of UAE, and the rest of the southern cities witness an insecurity situation that increased the assassinations of Imams of mosques and security and military leadership

The province of Aden also witnesses a security fiasco that escalated with killings, looting issues, in addition to others that never happened before.

The UAE took control of Aden under the pretext of confronting the so-called “Houthis”, part of the Yemeni army forces and supported the establishment and formation of armed elements there.

A few months ago, Emirati-backed forces were fighting and killing Saudi-backed forces in Aden. The south is moving towards outright autonomy The entrenchment of a war economy is another significant obstacle to peace.

The UAE is likely behind the killing of some 27 Islamic clerics who have been assassinated in Yemen over the past two years, the Washington Post said yesterday.

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