Yemen and UN discuss water situation in the impoverished country


Minister of Water and Environment Eng. Nabil Al-Wazeer met on Sunday with United Nations Resident Representative Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Lize Grande.

He talked with her regarding a number of topics related to the water situation in Yemen.They discussed and reviewed the water situation on the island of Kamaran and the agony of the citizens as a result of the water wells subjected to the bombing of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition, doubling burdens on the ministry.

The meeting also included the water and sanitation situation in Hodeidah province in general and efforts to expand the service.The Minister called for the humanitarian coordinator to play its vital role to spare Kamaran island’s water installations from being targeted by the warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition.

He also hailed the efforts of the humanitarian coordinator and its keenness to support the water and environment sector in Yemen.
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