(Video) Yemeni Bombardment on Concentrations of Saudi-UAE Mercenaries in Yemen’s West Coast


The military media and the Popular Committees on Tuesday broadcast scenes for the first time to joint operations of the artillery and the air force units, targeting concentrations and armored vehicles affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition in the West Coast.

The drone documented the scenes of the artillery joint with the air force units in specific operations, based on aerial monitoring with missiles and mortars, to strike enemy concentrations and military vehicles in the west coast, causing heavy casualties to the enemy.

The scenes showed full compatibility between the two units with precise targeting of the artillery shells on the military targets, which were previously coordinated by the UAVs of the air force.

The scenes showed the targeting of a number of groups of mercenaries on the fronts within the West Coast, killing and wounding dozens of them, in addition to the destruction of a number of vehicles and fortifications.

The scenes showed the panic of the enemy members and their suffering, where there was a mass escape following strikes of artillery and mortars on them with 100% precision, which forced the enemy to launch calls for distress from shells launched on their sites.

The Saudi-UAE mercenaries accused the artillery force of targeting homes of citizens in the West Coast; however, the scenes showed that the houses of the citizens – the alleged – are only barracks for military gatherings that were destroyed by the precision of the artillery strikes.

The scenes revealed the way of how Saudi mercenaries are using civilians as shields by concentrating in residential communities and taking some houses and government buildings as barracks and military base.

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