Zionism Newspaper: Yemenis “Houthis” Very Skilled in the Use of Missiles


Zionism newspaper, Jerusalem Post, revealed in a report the sought of a Zionist entity to join the coalition of aggression on Yemen, in order to reduce what has been called “Iranian influence”

Israel’s military intervention can not only weaken Iran’s influence in Yemen but will also have a catalytic effect on improving relations between Israel and the Arab kingdoms of the Gulf, the newspaper said in the report.

The Zionist newspaper accused the government of the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, that he did not announce his movement towards the war in Yemen, and thus neglected his government a major security threat against Israel.

The newspaper pointed out that Yemenis “Houthis” are very skilled in the use of missiles, which makes the threats against Israel greater.

“If Yemenis have access to more sophisticated technologies, the western coast of Yemen could become a real ballistic missile launch pad on Israel,” the newspaper said.

The Israeli newspaper suggested to the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity to announce the official support for the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia, either through air raids or provide logistical support.

The newspaper pointed out that the Zionist authorities take what they called “Houthi threat” seriously and choose unconditional support for the alliance of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.


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