Islahi Party Leader Assassinated in Aden Gov Under Coalition Control


On Wednesday morning, gunmen killed a mercenary leader of the Islah Party in the southern province of Aden, where assassinations became a routine between the mercenaries of the Saud-led aggression.

According to media sources working with the Saudi aggression, gunmen on a vehicle summoned the mercenary leader Ali al-Duaussi, from his home in Enma area of Mansoura Directorate, and shot him the moment he left his house, and then fled.

The assassination of al-Doussi, after about a month and a half of an assassination attempt of the reformist leader and member of the local council in the Directorate of Mualla Arafat Hizam Mohammed Ahmed, and an assassination attempt on the leader Arif Ahmed Ali with an explosive device planted in his car, which resulted in his injury and amputation of his son’s leg.

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