Saudi shelling and raids rain on populated villages in Saada


The Saudi-led coalition continues targeting residential areas and populated villages in Saada province, where the Saudi Army targeted villages with rocket and artillery shelling in the district of Razih, while the Saudi-led coalition warplanes also waged three air raids on Majz district in the province.

The Saudi Army targeted the inhabited villages by rocket and artillery bombardment in the district of Razih, adding that the Saudi border guards opened fire on Raqo area in Monabeh border district.

The source pointed out that the US-backed warplanes also waged three airstrikes on Takhia region in Mazj district, as well as an additional four on the districts of Kitaff and al-Dhaher.

On Saturday, an elderly woman was injured when Saudi rocket and artillery bombardment hit populated villages in the border district of Razih.

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