Saudi Crimes Against Yemen in Sep.25.2018


The US-Saudi aggression on Tuesday continued its raids and bombardments on a number of Yemeni provinces, leaving killed, wounded civilians and property damage.

In the province of Hodeidah, the Saudi jets targeted a vehicle carrying citizens on the road between Zabid and al-Jarahi districts. Two civilians were killed and several others were injured and the paramedics weren’t able to get there due to the intensive hovering of Saudi jets and the risks of conducting another raid in the area.

Hodeidah governorate, Saudi warplanes launched an air strike on Mutaibiya area between Zabid and Tuhita districts.

In the province of Saada, a child was killed after an air raid targeted the area of Ghafra, in the district of Zaher. Later on, it targeted the aforementioned area with two additional airstrikes. Moreover, it launched two raids on the area of Mansala in the same district.

Additionally, Saudi warplanes conducted 12 raids on citizens’ properties in Baqem border district and rocket and artillery shelling targeted densely populated villages in Munbebah border district.

In the province of Taiz, Saudi jets launched an air strike on the district of Hifan.

In the Saudi bordering area, Saudi warplanes carried out 12 raids during an attempt to support its mercenaries to infiltrate al-Sood hills near the land port of Alab.

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