Latest Records of Saudi Crimes and Violations in Yemen (Sep.28.2018)


The Saudi-American aggression on Friday continued its raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, causing casualties and material damage to public and private property.

In Hajjah governorate, a citizen was killed by a Saudi air raid that targeted his car in the village of al-Shorfa, located in the district of Harad. In addition, Saudi warplanes targeted the market of the district of Hiran, leaving many killed and wounded, while it went on targeting a bridge that connects the road between the district of Hiran and Mustbaa, which resulted in wounding many civilians.

In saada, located in the northern bordering side of Yemen, Saudi jets launched three raids on homes of citizens in Baqem district, and a raid on Atafin area in the district of Kattaf, while launching more than 14 raids on different areas within the district of al-Zaher.

Moreover, the Saudi militants targeted by rocket and artillery, different districts of al- Zaher, Shdda, Razih and Baqem bordering regions, leaving behind destruction in civilians’ homes and farms.

In al-Jawf, Saudi military aircraft carried out three raids on houses and property of the citizens in Rahoub, in the district of Birt al-Anan, where the mercenaries of the Saudi coalition fired artillery shells on a house of a citizen in al-Musloub village.

In Hodeidah coastal province, the mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi aggression bombed civilian houses with more than 30 shells in the city of Durahemi, causing severe damage to their property.

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