Saudi-Led Coaltion Latest Reecorded Crimes and Violations in Yemen (Sep.30.2018)


The US-backed Saudi-led coalition on Yemen commits daily crimes and violations against innocent Yemenis and breaking humanitarian laws.

Here is an update of the Saudi crimes on September 30, 2018

In Yemen’s Saada, a northern province along the border with Saudi Arabia, the Saudi warplanes resumes it targeting on al-Sarar area, targeting it with seven raids and launching a raid on a bridge on the main road of Baqam. It also carried out an airstrike on al-Zamah area, two raids on al-Malahit area in al-Zaher district, five raids on citizens’ properties in al-Mughram and al-Qraad in Baqem, a raid on the area of Ould Mas’oud in the district of Sohar, and also launched three raids on the border province of Shada, while it also bombarded villages within Shada by rockets and artillery shells.

In Yemen’s Hajjah: a citizen was killed while 3 others wounded as a Saudi airstrike targeted a car of a citizen in Shaab-Amdush area in the district of Abes. Saudi jets carried out 13 raids on the district of Harad and Medi, and launched a raid at the al-Khamiese market entry.

In al-Jawf governate, a raid by a Saudi jet targeted Ham, district of al-Mtoon.

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