A Daily Update of the Saudi-Led Collation Crimes and Violations in Yemen (Oct.5.2018)


The US-backed Saudi-led aggression continued on Friday its air raids and bombardments on a number of Yemeni regions, causing casualties and damage to public and private property.

In Hodeidah governorate, a civilian was killed while two others were wounded as an air raid targeted the house of a sheikh in 7-Yolio area within the district of al-Hali.

The Saudi coalition also targeted Kamran factory in al-Marawha district by two airstrikes and targeted the Coastal Defense with an air raid in the district of al-Saleef.

In addition, Saudi-UAE mercenaries bombarded al-Saqqaf ice factory located in the east of Tuhita with an artillery shell, which led to huge fires in the factory.

In Saada, The Saudi-led warplanes carried out a raid on the border district of Shada, while various areas within the bordering district of Baqem were subjected to rocket attacks and artillery bombardment, causing heavy damage to homes and property of citizens.

In Sana’a, Saudi aggression launched three raids on Camp al-Sama in the district of Arhab.

In Lahj, Saudi jets conducted two raids on al-Suhi, district of Bakrsh.

In Jizan, a southern Saudi bordering governorate, Saudi military aircraft launched two attacks on Mount Tawilq.

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