Security Media Releases Confessions of a Saudi Mercenary Trying to Create Chaos in the North


The security services in the capital Sana’a managed to capture a mercenary working with the Saudi-led coalition whose name is Ali Ahmad Abdullah Al-Sharabi. He works as a director in the Ministry of Civil Service and is considered a dangerous man affiliated with the Saudi aggression, where his work was to sabotage and create chaos in the northern areas of Yemen.

He admitted that he joined a cell operating in secret groups belonging to the Saudi aggression, where its headquarters is located in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. He stated that the aggression has assigned these cells to spread chaos by spreading rumors and lies to distort the state apparatus. The coalition asked them to organize protests under misleading slogans, such as the revolution of the hungry in an attempt to deceive many people into spreading chaos and destabilize security.

He said in his confessions that this project, which is supported by the Saudi coalition, depends on exploiting the economic situation that the country is going through in order to push the street towards violent clashes and chaos.

He also admitted that he had received along with members inside the cell, trainings on how to move on the street and the use of deliberate methods that turn the sit-ins and protests to armed clashes, in a plan of creating security chaos in the north, as it has happened in the province of the south that is under the occupation of the Saudi-UAE aggression.

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