Oct. 8 of every year, renew grief of families of the grand hall massacre in Sana’a


Shefa’a Abdullah

It was after noontime in 2016, the second year of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen. The coalition’s warplanes conducted by Saudi Arabia was observing its targets and was intensively flying as usual.Meanwhile, Ahmad and his father were heading towards the grand hall for consolation in the middle of the capital city of Sana’a.

Ahmed felt scared because of the voice of the planes and tightly hold his father’s hand who ensured him that it is a matter of minutes before they rich to the hall, knowing nothing that the target this time was this particular hall.

It was a mere of an hour before the occurring of the horrible crime. The victims of this heinous mounted to 1,154 people between death and wounded whose bodies scattered everywhere.

The voices of help ascended for nearby citizens to come and rescue those who survived. However, the life of little Ahmed come to an end, his innocent soul was raised to heaven while his hand was still holding his father’s hand, looking for safety who died as well along with hundreds of victims killed at that day.

The grand hall crime is deemed to be one among hundreds of terrible crimes, committed by the coalition’s warplanes against the Yemeni people and in the middle of the residential area since the very beginning of the Saudi aggression in March 2015.

Source: YemenExtra

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