Winds of Peace, a New Saudi Campaign in Yemen That Plans to Impact Society’s Views


The people of Yemen are subjected to the most aggressive global attack in the modern era in which the Saudi-led coalition has used all available military means and various lethal and internationally prohibited weapons, in parallel with the economic war and siege, and although the coalition was sure about gaining the war within weeks or months; Their attempts have been strenuous for nearly four years. These attempts have all failed by the legendary steadfastness of the Yemeni people, who have preferred to withstand the suffering and conspiracies and continue to fight to stun the world with there capabilities.

After every speech delivered by the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, he calls for the fronts to be fed up with money and men. Soon the Yemeni people respond to al-Houthi’s call and proclaim the general mobilization to the fronts and provide them with fighters and food convoys on an ongoing basis. Then, the military media of the Yemeni army reveals heroic achievements and scenes that stop the coalition from achieving any military achievement in the fronts, proving that many of the population supports the Yemeni army, who stresses in every protest that it will not back down on supplying the fronts with fighters and food to provide funds in order to defend the homeland from the Saudi-UAE occupation.

This has led the Saudi-led coalition to exert more efforts and imitate conspiracies to penetrate the Yemeni people who confront the Saudi coalition and represent the bastion of the Yemeni army army and the popular committees,to spread its satanic ideas in the society through what is called “Winds of Peace” that plans to surrender and humiliate the Yemeni people by giving up on national issues, and focus on misleading quotes and banners, which the Saudi coalition has previously proved that they’re just words inscribed on banners in the corridors of the United Nations.

After the sophisticated American made military arms became pieces of junk after selling them to Saudi Arabia and the UAE for their aggressive war on Yemen, where the Yemeni army along with the popular committees destroyed, using only lighters and cartons only, the Saudi-led coalition changed its strategy in the war, using different kinds of arms that target intellects and media in a way to target the Yemeni army and the committees and that is after the legendary steadfastness of the Yemeni people against a cruel Saudi war that has been going on for nearly four years, where the countries participating in the war is trying to target this steadfastness of Yemeni society through several campaigns, the most prominent in the campaign is the one under the title of Winds of Peace.

  • What are their goals, methods and means?

Winds of peace is a military campaign filled with propaganda and sponsored through digital and social media that is aimed at the Yemeni society. It is a new strategy for the Saudi coalition in which targets the Yemeni society in general, especially the areas that are under the Supreme Political Council, where they represent most of the supporters of the Yemeni army and the committees. The Winds of Peace cover the consequences of the suffocating economic war caused by the policies of the Saudi coalition and their backed puppet government, affecting all the Yemeni people all over Yemen.

The aim of this campaign is to strike at the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and stop them from supplying the fronts with fighters and food convoys and stopping the community support of the of the army and the committees to reach their main goal, paving the way for the acceptance of the occupation forces, and they are the US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudanese and others.

  • The Methods winds of peace campaign follow

In order to deceive the people in a way that leads them to abandon the confrontation and then surrender to Saudi-led aggression, one of the most prominent methods of the campaign is introduce the Saudi coalition as a part of an internal war and not an external war on Yemen led by a global coalition that include the US, Zionism, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and was declared from America in front of all the world. Second method tries to portray all those who defend the homeland as merchants of wars who do not want the peace that ”America” wants, which is by launching peace initiatives and spreading the words “Stop the war”, “No more War “, and directing them to the inside! like Yemenis are the ones stated the war or wanted this. As well as the publication of drawings in the streets calling for peace, and at the same time to not speak about the crimes of Saudi coalition against civilians, and to not protest for lifting the Saudi imposed siege, so that we surrender and hand over all the country’s wealth and resources to the forces of the coalition and live with humiliation enslavement under the control of the foreign occupier.

  • Means of the campaign Winds of Peace

The ways that Saudi Arabia sponser it campign among the Yemeni people is through a wide activity of organizations disguised by humanitarian work, as well as institutions, individuals, politicaln figures and academic and tribal people who say that they are elites and can guide us to knwing the truth so that Yemeni give up on their dignity and the homeland, in addditon to spread the culture of the ”third alternative” by intensifying the dialogue among the people through all means of mobilizing society for the value of ”peace” and the desire to ”end” the violence and the need to support any ”peaceful” exits of the war by stopping the confrontation against the Saudi-led coalition, saying that who supports the army and the committees with money or be sending fighters from their families to fight with them, while ignoring all those forces that surround the Republic of Yemen from all sides and deliberately ignoring the tragic situations of the southern provinces that live under the Saudi-UAE occupation and being completely at danger, where you can not gurantee any safety for your family, youself and your money.

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