Houthi Delegation Meets Ambassadors of the Member States Within the Security Council


The head of the Ansar Allah (Sanaa) negotiating delegation to Sweden’s consultations Mohamed Abdel Salam said Sunday that the national delegation met with the ambassadors of the member states of the Security Council and demanded real pressure on the other party, in reference to the Saudi-led coalition, to engage in serious political talks.

He added that the delegation of Sanaa participates seriously in various negotiations stations despite the continued escalation caused by the Saudi-led aggression on various fronts. He pointed out that there is no disagreement on the UN agenda in the consultations of Sweden as the general framework of negotiations and confidence-building steps.

Abdel Salam said that the steps to build confidence as good as opening the airport, but stressed that the solution will be only to stop the aggression and halt the imposed Saudi siege.

Moreover, he added that the crimes committed by the Saudi-UAE alongside other regional countries and mercenaries are aimed to blow up the consultations and efforts of the United Nations, pointing out that the war in Yemen is not Yemeni, but there are external parties trying to achieve their ambitions.

He then went on saying that if the Saudi-led aggression thwarts the consultations of Sweden, the Yemeni people will have no choice but to continue confronting this aggression.

Regarding the issue of the prisoners, Abdel Salam asked to reveal the fate of prisoners run by UAE and Saudi Arabia, expressing the readiness of Sanaa to release all prisoners and detainees, noting that after the signing of the prisoners agreement between both delegations, a committee must take action to carry the dead bodies.

The head of the national delegation commented on the request of the Riyadh delegation to make Aden airport an international airport instead of Sanaa airport, saying that Aden is not subjected to the authorities of the so-called legitimacy and its under the supervision of only the UAE and that the closure of Sanaa airport is an unjustifiable war crime.

On Monday, The meeting of both Prisoners Committees was delayed due to the lack of commitment of the delegation of Riyadh to hand over the names and documents concerning the prisoners swap.

It is worth mentioning that the delegation of Hadi’s government has delayed this meeting yesterday too after they ordered extra time to finish preparing the prisoners file.

The Head of Yemen’s National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Abdulqader al-Mortadha, said on Sunday that the Saudi-backed pro-Hadi delegation has called for the postponement of a prisoner swap.

“We were ready today to exchange the lists of prisoners under the set deadline, but the Riyadh-supported group requested to put off the process until tomorrow,” Yemen’s al-Masirah television network quoted him as saying.

Mortadha further stressed that the prisoner exchange agreement is defined by an operational mechanism, expressing hope that the United Nations commits everyone to specific obligations so that no room is available for manipulation, disavowal and delay.

Previous talks broke down in 2016 when 108 days of negotiations in Kuwait failed to yield a deal and left rebel delegates stranded in Oman for three months.

According to a new report by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), a nonprofit conflict-research organization, the Saudi-led war has so far claimed the lives of around 56,000 Yemenis.

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