Saudi Arabia Hinders the Delivery of Aid to Yemenis: UN Official


“The imposition of preconditions on the medical aerial bridge in Sanaa contributes to the continuation of the humanitarian crisis and the lack of aid to the Yemenis,” said UN humanitarian coordinator Mark Lockock, adding “Millions of Yemenis look to us for help and protection. “

“Sweden’s agreement, and Council resolution 2451, already have an impact, but I can not yet tell you that the broader humanitarian situation in Yemen is better,” he said. “It is still catastrophic and there are now more than 24 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, that is 80% of the population, 10 million of which are one step away from starvation. More than 3.3 million people are displaced, 600,000 of them were displaced in the last 12 months.”

“Humanitarian agencies are increasing their capacity to meet these needs. In December, WFP has reached 9.5 million people, and in the next few months WFP will increase its operations to 12 million people per month,” Lokoc said. “Resolution 2451 sets three key points on humanitarian issues: the first point is humanitarian access. Following the Swedish Convention, the immediate objective was to restore work at the Red Sea Mills and many humanitarian warehouses in Hodeidah, and this did not happen.”

“The continued delay and unacceptable preconditions for the planned medical air bridge from Sanaa airport mean that thousands of people suffering from medical conditions not being treated in northern Yemen are condemned to torture,” he said.

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