Yemen’s New Combat Drone Targets Mercenary Commanders [Video]


Yemen’s spokesman of the armed military forces, Brigadier general Yahya Saree released outbreaking news last Thursday, in which he declared a new type of a new domestically-developed combat drone named ”Qasef 2K” after it was used on a Saudi-UAE backed al-Anad military base in Lahj, a southern Yemeni province.

”The Combat drone ”Qasef 2K” is a new type of drone that was tested before it entered service,” Saree said in his statement.

The military spokesman confirmed that the plane explodes from 20 meters distance away from its designated target and releases vast amounts of shrapnel, explaining that it has the ability to carry a large number of explosive materials.

The official spokesman pointed out that the characteristics of the combat UAV will be presented on videos, also previous tests will be released soon.

The spokesman of the Air Force Brigadier General al-Jafri said ” Our drones can break into hostile’s airspace without being detected,” stressing that many more surprises will be revealed.

The plane “Qasef 2K” targeted a large military parade of mercenaries last Thursday’s morning at the air base of al-Anad, killing and wounding dozens, including senior military and political leaders.

Various media outlets have documented various scenes of the explosion of the UAV as it targeted a platform where mercenary leaders were present.

On Friday a military source reported that another operation with the same combat drone was implemented, which targeted gathering of the Saudi army, including Saudi commanders in the southern Saudi governorate, Asir.

The source pointed out that the aerial attack with “Qasef K2” was carried out after full monitoring of the targeted site, confirming that the hit was aimed precisely on its designated target, resulting in direct casualties among the ranks of Saudi-led aggression.

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