Huge Fires Erupt After a Shaking Explosion at Aden Oil Refinery


A fire broke out in one of the storage tanks at the Aden Refinery Company, south of Yemen.

“At 7 pm last Friday, a fire broke out in one of the small storage tanks that only had remains of petroleum derivatives,” a statement from Aden refinery company said.

The statement added that the fire broke out “after hearing the sound of an explosion whose source is still unknown.”

The incident comes as the Saudi-UAE controlled coastal province is witnessing security chaos along with other southern provinces under the coalition control. This comes after they were occupied by the US-Saudi-led coalition and the United Arab Emirates for more than two and a half years.

Yesterday, on Saturday, the fires at Aden refinery were limited, according to local sources.

However, On Sunday, six people at the refinery were injured as the fires spread to a second storage tank, according to sources reporting from the refinery.

Eyewitnesses in over there said it was obvious the firefighters and civil defense forces failed to take the fires down, which were sparked since Friday after an unknown explosion.

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